A Journal of Societal Revision is as much a forum, in my mind, as it is a blog.  The purpose of JSR (easy to type, but, unfortunately, makes it sound like a hedge fund) is to serve as a platform, however small and niche, for exploration and inquiry.  What exactly do we (I hope it’s a “we,” and not an “I”) explore and inquire here?  I hope to touch on the fields of computer science, geopolitics, sociology, political economics, labor policy, developmental psychology, history, sexology, political science, all kinds of art, and anything else I, or a contributor, is interested in.  We (again, fingers crossed!) will discuss class, race, gender, sexuality, and disability, as well as any and all intersections and relevant oppressive systems.  I hope to have critical analysis as well as more informal reviews of film, books, comics, etc.  But more important than what we discuss is that we have a discussion, and so I seek out contributors to talk about whatever they like, as well as people willing to agree with, and/or tell me I am full of crap in the comments.  If you wish to join this discussion, comment(!) or contact me about contributing(!!).